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  The bad news:  Eternal separation from God and from life is featured in all major religions.  In one way or another, they say that anyone who is not as pure and holy as God is doomed, that the penalty for the slightest human taint is separation from the Giver of Life.  Without a God-given remedy, this would mean destruction when this life is over. 


   The good news:  All humans would be damned if the God of the Bible had not provided a way out for us as a gift.  He promises to forgive and save eternally all those who appropriate the God-given coverage of the death of His Son. Jesus took our punishment--death--yet was completely untainted himself.  Only the death of someone pure and undefiled, who must also be infinite, can pay the penalty for all sinners, so freeing them from damnation, without getting destroyed himself in the process.
   In the Law He gave to Moses, God made a covenant with all the benefits going our way.  He has obligated himself to save out of the fire and bring into eternal life with him all those who claim the blood of the Lamb, Jesus.  Jesus died in place of the whole human race on the Passover, freeing us from damnation, as the total payment of the penalty for the sins of humanity.  God regards us as if we were as pure as Jesus if we claim His son's death as our cover. 
   God did this only out of love for us.  No human can ever deserve or earn it, but nobody who comes for it is refused.  The standard of total human purity, holiness and undefiledness is utterly beyond our personal reach.  Some religions require that one's good deeds exceed one's bad deeds in order to escape damnation but this, too, is impossible.  For one thing, if one's good deeds were carried out with the selfish goal of saving oneself, the intention would be corrupt.  Beside this, as Jeremiah 17:9 says: "the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Who can know it?"  Other religions that require total self cleansing through many incarnations have the same problem of selfish intention in our corrupt human nature, not to mention the impossibility of reaching total purity in that theorized last incarnation.
   Only through Christ do we have hope.  God is not concerned about our selfish motive in claiming Christ.  He merely requires that we do it.  Jesus, the Lamb of the Passover, is the unblemished (or sinless) offering killed in his prime, the essential blood payment specified in the Torah, sacrificed by our loving Father to buy us out of damnation.  Such a deal is to be found nowhere outside of the Law God gave Moses.  God states in the Law that He will impute to us the purity of Christ when we claim, simply claim, his shed blood as our cover.
   Our ministry exists because Jesus told us to "feed my sheep" and we cannot keep quiet about this wonderful food, i.e., the gospel.  There is a lot of disinformation out there; Satan is busy, even in the supposedly Christian church, spreading false works-based doctrines that will keep humans on track for the lake of fire.  There is a desperate need for the right information.  Our goal is to provide it, and we encourage you, too, to feed the sheep in any possible way.
  One can listen to or download much for free here to strengthen one's own faith and also one's ability to inspire others.  One thing you can do is encourage others to come to this website. 

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    Our monthly expense is currently around $1500 and funds are dwindling.  So book purchases and donations towards our expenses through credit card, Paypal or personal check are very welcome (see our "order" button at the top).

BOOK:  Walter Arcel's 2005 book "A Simple Explanation": a highly thought-provoking work.  It answers many of the questions people have regarding how and why God saves, and why humans cannot ignore their eternal destiny.  It has the best argument for the resurrection ever found.  Click here to buy a hard copy or get a free non-pdf download: A Simple Explanation


 "For The life of the flesh is in the blood; and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls; for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul."

  Leviticus 17:11

Is there a better verse in the whole Bible than the one above?  This statement from the Law God gave Moses is the gospel.  Only a blood payment releases us from damnation.  God has given us the blood of Christ upon the altar of Calvary.  When we claim that payment it completely atones for our souls.  It is the blood of Christ, alone, that can pay the penalty for all human sin and free us from the lake of fire.  The Pure, Holy, and Undefiled lamb of God is our substitute in death.


BOOK:  Christians say they are under grace now, not under the law. But if that were so, Christ's death on the cross would be irrelevant.  Christ himself said he came to fulfill the law, not to do away with it.   The Law is the source of grace; it is our God-given defense.  "Grace in the Law" is a book by Pauline Holmes, revised in 2014.  Order a copy for $10.00 on our "order" form or download the entire book for free in a PDF file by clicking here:        Grace in the Law


BOOK Is your faith in tatters? There is a remedy. WalterArcel's 1990 book "Faith 101" is available for you to purchase or download for free by clicking here (non PDF):  Faith 101


BOOK:  What has hell to do with mental health?   Do you want to understand why you have persistent low self-esteem?  Or depression?  Or anxiety?  Would you like to discover the God-given source of mental health and peace of mind? 

The book, "Hell and Madness," by Pauline Holmes helps you recognize the inborn source of these problems:  existential guilt, the sense of being destined for eternal damnation for falling short of the absolute perfection of God.  Despite what the mental health field tells you, this guilt is not the result of past experience.  It derives from an inner, inborn sense of deserving damnation for falling short of perfection, and of having no personal control over the situation.  At some level, all humans have existential guilt because we all fall short of the mark.  Not everyone is driven into a recognizeable mental illness by it but it makes us all dysfunctional to some degree.  This book explains the situation and points to the freely available God-given cure.  To download the free PDF click on:
 Hell and Madness; Grace and Sanity: the true biblical basis for mental health


BOOK:  Are you too much of a perfectionist?  To gain an understanding of this often-distressing tendency, read:  "The Deadly Perfectionism Trap" by Pauline Holmes, published 2010.  Find out the shocking hidden source of humans' desperate quest for perfection and the reason for its vise grip.  Discover some of the strange, unexpected forms perfectionism can take.  Full of real life illustrations.  Purchase a copy or download the entire book for free in a PDF file by clicking on the title: The Deadly Perfectionism Trap


Free mp3 song:  You can download this original gospel song with words by Pauline Holmes Arcel, and singing and music by the highly talented Sharon Guinn.  Click on the title below to hear:  You paid for me